unDeep is largely obsessed with music. Here are links to bands that we have featured and bands we either hope to feature or fantasize about featuring.

R.I.P. Joe Strummer

Bands We Have Featured


This band was in Issue #3 and I saw them several times when I lived in Glasgow. I've no idea if they're even still together but they were very sweet to me.
Teenage Fanclub

TFC used to be one of my very favorite bands. It doesn't seem that they're up to much these days and the enthusiasm has, sadly, waned. I have really wonderful memories associated with this band and their music. It's a shame I never got to interview them for unDeep.

Chumba are frighteningly diverse in their music (from hard core punk in the early days to sweet harmonies and acoustic/acapella music more recently). If you like bands that can give you whiplash and you can get over their hit single, check Chumba out. They've been amazingly supportive of unDeep. They're in every issue from #3 onwards.
Black '47

Another band who've always supported unDeep and who can give you whiplash. From jigs to reggae in 20 seconds or less! They're always playing their hometown of NYC. Featured in Issue #3.
Enter the Haggis

Hard rockin Celtic fusion with loads of other influences from jazz, progresive rock, latin, etc. And they're REALLY nice blokes. Featured in unDeep 5 (the NEW issue).
Gaelic Storm Yes, they're the band from the partyscene in steerage in Titanic. That aside, they're a really fun band to go see. Featured in Issue 5 (the NEW issue).

Another Glasgow band I used to worship. They're not together anymore, but I saw Eugene Kelly play when I was in Glasgow. It was brilliant. I wish I had some solo recrdings from him.

My all-time favorite band. Their album Here I Stand helped me through a very rough time in my life and if I could marry a man's voice, I would marry John's! Fantastic lyrics, passionate vocals, brilliant music. ALL HAIL THE OYSTERBAND! Featured in unDeep 3-5. Interviewed in unDeep 4.

Bands not featured (though they may be reviewed or mentioned) but whom we adore:

The Woggles (Rockabilly/Garage Rawk) The Prodigals (Irish rock)
Super Furry Animals (Alternative) The Clash (If you don't know who they are, you may not belong here.)
Magnapop (Rock) Pylon (Art Rock)
The Border Collies (Contemporary Celtic) Old Blind Dogs (Celtic - Scottish)
The Long Drop (Traditional Irish) Altan (Traditional Irish)
Flogging Molly (Irish Punk Rock) Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros

The old unDeep music page is here. It has some of the data from the old issues on it.

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